The Problem:
When you use a color profile different than sRGB, the color of your images do not look right when opened in a non color managed application, like a web browser.

A solution is to convert your images to sRGB before you use Save For Web.
But doing it manually can be tedious…

The Solution:
In Photoshop CS2, here comes the Scripts Event Manager to the rescue!
Its function: if a peculiar event happens, it will automatically run an action or a script.

Jeff Tranberry of has created a handy script solution to the above problem.

Visit the sRGBs4w script solution tutorial for details.

For more information regarding a list of Custom ‘Photoshop Events‘ consult the following.

For other Photoshop and/or Bridge related scripting resources, please consult the Adobe User to User Forums.

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UPDATE: CS4 adds the ‘Convert to srgb’ option at the ‘Save For Web and Devices’ dialog.