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Welcome to – a diversity of technology, design and development trends for graphic designers and web developers.

This site serves as a playground for my tutorials in various Adobe related applications, primarily Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Edge Animate and Adobe Fireworks. I tend to venture across other mediums to compliment my graphic design and web development workflow so feel free to follow along the blog spot for related news and technologies.

Adobe Edge Animate

  • Edge Animate 3.0
    Adobe Edge Animate 3.0 Available
    Adobe Edge Animate 3.0 Overview The following overview is certainly not complete, so be sure to check out the following official Edge Animate related resource links. Download Adobe Edge Animate from the Adobe Creative Cloud Official Feature Highlights Video Demos: Sarah Hunt, Edge Animate Product Manager Overview […]...
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  • Edge Animate
    Best of Edge Animate Workflow Samples
    The following is a compilation of the best Edge Animate workflow examples. Adobe Edge Animate Portal The first stop before venturing into Edge Animate is to visit the official portal website by Adobe aptly named Adobe and HTML. Edge Animate is one of many Edge Tools and […]...
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Adobe Photoshop

  • 15 Blue Tiled Pattern Pack for Photoshop
    15 Blue Tiled Pattern Pack for Photoshop
    A free set of Adobe® Photoshop® seamless (tiled) Patterns, free to use as you please. Add style to document/prototype backgrounds, web elements or incorporate them with image blends. Read Photoshop Patterns (Loading) for a quick guide to loading Photoshop pattern (.pat) files. Tiled Pack Preview:...
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  • Kelby TV - Online Shows for Creative Professionals
    Kelby TV – Online Shows for Creative Professionals
    A one stop creative ‘podsource’ brought to you by the folks of Kelby Media Group. Get your fix for Photoshop (Photoshop Killer Tips, Photoshop User Tv), Lightroom (Lighroom Killer Tips), Digital Photography (D-Town TV) and the Creative Suite line of products (Layers TV). Never miss an episode […]...
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  • Adobe Edge Animate: Concentric Rings Demo Animation
    Adobe Edge Animate: Concentric Rings Demo Animation
    This is a deviation from the Symbol Instance tutorial posted earlier. I re-positioned the symbol instance; turned off Solid Color Fills; disabled the ‘box-shadow’ css ‘blur’ effect, and enabled Stroke Fills. Click image below (or Concentric Rings Demo Animation) to preview. Download sample project file below....
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  • Bokeh Blur Symbol Instance Effect
    Bokeh Blur Symbol Instance Effect
    Here is a simple example demonstration symbol creation and using multiple instances’ of that symbol on the Timeline, with a touch of Playback dynamics and CSS (‘box-shadow’) ‘blur’ effect. Click the image below (or Symbol Instance Animation) to preview the animation. One: New Edge Project Create a new […]...
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