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Photoshop Tutorials

New Document Action Preset

If your anything a hobbyists with Photoshop as I am, you may find yourself experimenting with a new technique or mixing filters. I usually start with a prefab document size. Here is a great way to help simplify this new document preset with minimum clicks. Define a […]

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Step and Repeat Affect

Simplify a step and repeat affect on a single image with the use of a selection and various Solid Fill/Adjustment Layers. Open any image for this tutorial. Get Measurements Press Ctrl + R (Mac: Command + R) to activate the Horizontal and Vertical Rulers. The Ctrl + […]

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Photoshop Center Alignment Tricks

Here’s a few Alignment Tricks to help you Center a layer in your document or even within a selected area of your document. For those who may not be aware of the ‘Alignment Options Bar’, you’ll find in on the ‘Option’s Bar’ whenever the ‘Move Tool (V)’ […]

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Simulate Table Styles with Type in a Path

Simulate fake table styles with Type in a Path. (Opens in a new window – Layers Magazine)

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Decorative Type

Not that handy with the Pen Tool? But want a way to create the common swirls/flourishes trend objects. Here is a quick method. Create Type Layer Begin with a New > Document Preset of your choice. I used 500×500, White Background Contents at 72 Resolution. Then add […]

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MediaLab Sitegrinder – Styled Web Text Tips

Paragraph Type: Utilizing either the Anti-Alias to None or the -text hint requires a Paragraph Type Area and not a regular Point Type Layer. Layer Naming convention:Site Grinder outputs css id selectors based on the caption of the Layer (or Layer Set), so it’s a good habit […]

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MediaLab Sitegrinder – Styled Web Text (-text hint)

Using the -text hint on a Photoshop Paragraph Type Layer and combining Options Bar or Character Palette type attributes will be outputted as css styled web text. Activate the Type Tool from the Toolbar (T). Click and drag onto the document to draw out a Paragraph Type […]

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MediaLab Sitegrinder – Styled Web Text (-scroll)

Another useful feature is to convert a fixed size Paragraph Type area to have scroll able contents within it’s boundary. The end result is equivalent to an iframe, except the result is pure css. When you draw or resize the Paragraph Type area smaller than it’s contents, […]

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MediaLab Sitegrinder – Automate with an Action

Here is a nice way to automate the use of the SiteGrinder Plugin through the use of a quick Action shortcut key instead of relying on the File > Automate > SiteGrinder menu command all the time. To Begin, go Window > Actions to bring the Actions […]

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Styled Web Text (Anti-Alias to None)

MediaLab Sitegrinder – Styled Web Text (Anti-Alias to None) An alternative to the -text Layer hint to achieve the same styled web text is to ignore the hint altogether and simply ensure that the Paragraph Type is set to Anti-Alias to None on the Options Bar or […]

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