Using the -text hint on a Photoshop Paragraph Type Layer and combining Options Bar or Character Palette type attributes will be outputted as css styled web text.
  1. Activate the Type Tool from the Toolbar (T).
  2. Click and drag onto the document to draw out a Paragraph Type Area, and paste (or type) in your desired text. Set desired type face. I used Verdana, Regular, 11 pt Anti-Alias to None.
  3. Rename the new Type Layer in the Layers Palette to some user friendly and append the -text hint to it’s caption.
    MediaLab - Sitegrinder, automate site creation
Then go File > Automate > Site Grinder 2 to Build (Preview) the output.
The -text hint accepts most Character or Options Bar type parameters and outputs it to css format.
As in the below example, portions of the type were altered with a different font face, font color and a text decoration of Underline.
MediaLab - Sitegrinder, automate site creation