Another useful feature is to convert a fixed size Paragraph Type area to have scroll able contents within it’s boundary. The end result is equivalent to an iframe, except the result is pure css.

  1. When you draw or resize the Paragraph Type area smaller than it’s contents, you should see an indicator to the lower right of the Paragraph bounding area.
  2. If using the -text hint you can also append the -scroll hint as I have captured below.MediaLab - Sitegrinder, automate site creation

Note: Sitegrinder does not customize the colors of the scroll bar or it’s properties.
The -scroll hint also applies to a no -text hint Paragraph Type area Layer with Anti-Alias set to None.

» Click here for Scroll Example.

Though SiteGrinder may not allow for scrollbars customization, the scroll contents can be customized just by adjusting the properties within the Paragraph Palette.

  1. Since the scrollbars is a pure vertical visual element, why not Justify Last Left, so that the contents output perfectly aligned with it. (The other Justify properties also apply.)
  2. Also to avoid the right side from being to close to the scrollbars element, adjust the Indent Right Margin property to 12 pt. (The other Margin properties also apply)MediaLab - Sitegrinder, automate site creation

» Click here for Scroll Example 2.

Combine Paragraph Palette attributes with the SiteGrinder Control Panel Layer Decoration properties to fancy the borders of Scroll box.

  1. Set the Indent Left Margin to 12 pt to offset the paragraph from the left scroll border.
  2. Click once at the beginning of the Paragraph (just before the word ‘Lorem’, in my case) and then set the ‘Add Space before Paragraph’ property to 2 pt to offset it’s contents from the top scroll border.

    MediaLab - Sitegrinder, automate site creation

  3. Then File/Automate/Site Grinder 2 and click the Decoration tab.
    1. Click the Decoration Tab.
    2. Click the -scroll hint Layer (in my case the ‘sampletext-text-scroll’ Layer)
    3. Set the Border and Background properties, Click OK to commit changes.
      Then Build to Preview or To Folder option at the bottom of the Sitegrinder Control panel.

    MediaLab - Sitegrinder, automate site creation

» Click here for Scroll Example 3.