Three free vector flower design samples created in Adobe Fireworks.

Once downloaded unzip and open the .png file in Adobe Fireworks. Each ‘flower’ (group) graphic is isolated onto its own Layer for easy selection. Use as you please.


How was it Made?

I will not go into every fine detail but the following captures should provide some assistance.

Create two shapes using the Star Auto-Shape Tool from the main toolbar. As captured the first one has a Solid Fill and a Stroke; the second with no-fill and a Stroke. To match the Star Auto-Shape properties, select it then go to the Window > Auto Shape Properties menu command and configure the shape propeties. Repeat for the second Star Auto-Shape.

Once the two auto-shapes are configured Align them one above the other, with the no-fill/stroke version as the top-most Layer.

Select both Shapes with the Pointer Tool, then go to the Modify > Combine Paths > Join menu command. The two auto-shapes will merge to form a compound shape.

All that remains is to clone (Edit > Clone) the original, so now there are two compound shapes, and scale it inward as captured below, middle. Clone the second compound shape and scale inward as captured right.

A total of three compound shapes: the original Normal Blend Mode with an Inner Glow filter effect; Clone 1 (of original) is set to Normal Blend Mode and a Zoom Blur; Clone 2 (of clone 1) is set to Erase with a Zoom Blur.

Have fun!

Vector Flower

Three variations of a vector flower created in Adobe Fireworks.