Below is the target image.
This and similar images are available from AbsolutVision image library.

As with most image manipulation, always back up your original image layer. As captured above, lower right, duplicate the target layer and turn off visibility of the original layer.

Next, select the Color Replacement Tool from the toolbar, then on the ‘Options Bar’ adjust it’s tool features as I have captured below. Most important option here is the ‘Color’ blend mode.

Experiment with your Brush Preset and Tolerance level, depending on the size of your document.

Set your Foreground color to your desired preference. I will use #24b246 – green.
Click ONCE anywhere in the blue shirt area of the target image, and drag around until all is covered.

First sampling from the collar area only got the above covered.

A second (sampling) click and drag process beginning underneath the hand was able to complete it as captured above.