The sidebar link placements is by mutual affiliation. If you no longer see your link it is because I thoroughly reviewed your exchange upon the LAST LINK VERIFICATION date specified below and did not find my link banner, your site was no longer working, domain name has expired, or your link has changed and I have no way of verifying it unless you contact me. If you think this is a mistake, please send me a message via the Contact Form. (Be as detailed as possible). Some link banner have never been verified, and if you think thats you, don’t bother asking for affiliation again.

It is your responsibility to inform me of your site change or long period of downtime, in order for me to reinstate your banner link.

Last Link Verification Date: Oct 23rd, 2011

Please Read Guidelines before applying:


  • be LIVE & FULLY FUNCTIONAL, period!
  • contain ORIGINAL CONTENT (link farms will be declined)
  • be well established. (ie more than 6 months old)
  • demonstrate use of or affiliation with Graphic Art and Design.
  • be reviewed first before approval.
  • be for button for button (ie. this affiliation page)
  • all links must be internal
  • be verified asap.
  • be updated regularly.


  • link farms will be declined
  • contain promotion of hatred of any kind, sexual explicit content or warez.
  • not be a site slash forum
  • contain a frenzy of pop-up ads.
Send affiliation request via this Feedback Form on the contact page.
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