A video toolkit collection of commonly used icons; 9 sample themed video players; 6 thumbnail previews;  9 themed play buttons (rectanglular or circle); and 11 themed playback control bars.

The download (at the bottom of this page) consists of two pages:

  • Page 1 has the 9 themed players.
  • Page 2 has the associated player elements.

Unzip, open the .png file and use a player theme to compliment your prototype or adjust any of the elements to create your custom one.

All players and elements consist of vector and text objects. Not a single bitmap is used. The majority of the elements employ ‘groups’ for easy Layer management so be sure to use the Subselect Tool to select an individual element from a group.

Have fun.

Video Player UI Toolkit

A collection of Video Player UI Toolkit items created in Adobe Fireworks.