Here is a nice way to automate the use of the SiteGrinder Plugin through the use of a quick Action shortcut key instead of relying on the File > Automate > SiteGrinder menu command all the time.

  1. To Begin, go Window > Actions to bring the Actions Panel to the foreground. Then click the Create New Action Set icon command at the bottom of the Actions panle (encircled in red).

  2. At the New Set prompt dialog, give it a user-friendly name, like SiteGrinder, and click OKto commit. 

  3. With the new Set (SiteGrinder) active in the Actions Panel, click the Create New Actionicon at the bottom of the Actions Panel.
  4. At the New Action dialog prompt, give it a user-friendly name (I used Grind). Then assign it a Function key keyboard shortcut. I used Shift + F5. Then click REOCRDto proceed with the creation process. 

  5. While in RECORD mode, click the Actions Panel properties icon command (encircled in red) and from the context list choose Insert Menu ItemCommand.
  6. Then go to the File > Automate > SiteGrinder2menu command, to add it to the Action. Click OK to commit/exit the Insert Menu Item.

  7. Finally, press the Stop Recording Action playback control (encircled in red) at the bottom of the Actions Panel.Now whenever you need to run the SiteGrinder plugin, simply press the Shift + F5 (or which ever one you assigned it).