Fireworks CS5 to Flash Catalyst CS5 Facebook Panel/Iconset

Free Fireworks CS5 Facebook sample datalist & iconset for use in prototypes, but optimized for FXG export to Flash Catalyst CS5.

The following download (bottom of this page) contains: Sample Facebook interactive design and 24 bitmap/vector icon set.

Navigate the Pages panel in Fireworks to toggle the samples.

What is it?

Three page sample containing example Data List component designs for general use in Fireworks prototypes, but they are optimized for use in the FXG export process for Flash Catalyst CS5 projects.

Page 1 contains a sample data list panel design and assets to populate the data list.

Page 2/3 contains 24 bitmap/vector icons to populate the data list.

Each Layer (object) is properly named so that it will be easy to target when converting it to respective wireframe component in Flash Catalyst CS5.

How I assembled the Interactive? Simplified!

  • Fireworks Data List design exported to Fxg (File > Export > Fxg and Images);
  • Icon Assets is exported as image assets (File > Export > Layers to Files);
  • Fxg is opened in Flash Catalyst CS5 and the design elements is converted to Data List component;
  • Import assets to populate the data list;
  • Additional ‘States’ and interaction is applied to Logout graphic and the Profile data list item;
Facebook UI Toolkit

A 3 page data list component UI Toolkit created in Adobe Fireworks.