Zoom tool on Windows 10

Zoom in on a specific area of your artboard by selecting the zoom tool from the toolbar or using a keyboard shortcut.  

Photoshop and Illustrator integration on Windows 10

Copy and paste your Adobe Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC assets directly into Adobe XD.

Pixel-perfect layouts on Windows 10

Align items in your layouts to the nearest whole integer with the Align to Pixel Grid command in the context menu.

Improved onboarding on Windows 10

Get up and running faster with a new XD for Windows start experience that makes it easy to create new documents pre-sized for different devices, open recent documents, and access built-in tutorials.

Share Online for enterprise on Windows 10

Enterprises can now share a link to their XD prototypes using the Share Online service.

Resolve comments

Close the loop on comments without deleting them by marking them as “resolved.” Prototype owners can un-resolve comments to bring them back to the main view.